Teach English in Germany: Financial Snapshot

Teach English in Germany: Financial Snapshot

English teachers usually earn €950 - €3,000 monthly. With the cost of living in Germany being roughly €900 - €1,400 a month, some careful budgeting should allow some money to explore the country during time off.

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Expected Apartment Costs  

Rent prices in Germany are generally considered high. Monthly rent rates for a one-bedroom apartment in large urban areas can cost over €850 in the city centre, while an apartment in a mid-sized city away from downtown may be found for less than €650 per month. English teachers should be sure to look around and find a place that meets their needs and matches their budgets. Teachers moving specifically to Munich should be aware that this city has the most expensive rent in Germany.

Banking in Germany  

Banking in Germany is fairly straightforward. ESL teachers going to the bank for the first time will need to bring their valid passport, German address information, and some cash to make a first-time deposit. Credit cards are also becoming more popular in Germany and this could be something offered to English teachers opening an account for the first time.

Food Costs in Germany  

Germans are known for being a nation who loves to shop. English teachers in Germany will have lots of grocery store flyers to look at, as there are numerous large chain stores throughout the country. Aldi, Kaufland, Lidl, and the Penny Market are only some of the larger grocery stores in Germany. Unlike in America, Germans are not fond of the "one-stop shop"; a typical grocery shopping trip involves many different destinations.

Below are some examples of typical German food prices.

  • 333ml bottle of Pepsi 
  • 1 kg of fresh apples
  • 1L of milk 
  • Bread 
  • Beer 
    €3.50 (average per pint)

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